MitM (Man in the Middle) tactical equipment on R4, R2
and Backpack vehicles to determine estimated target
locations based on IMSI numbers


Direction Finder is an active system device that functions as MitM (Man in the Middle) tactical equipment operated on R4, R2 and Backpack vehicles that serves to determine the estimation of the target location based on the IMSI number.

Main Feature

  1. Use of SOC (System On a Chip Programmable) technology
  2. Flexible, light, compact & robust equipment
  3. Programmable based technology that can be configured according to the technology network and frequency needed in the field
  4. The device is controlled via a controller that can be used remotely using a Laptop, and Android Head Unit APK, as well as Smartphone APK
  5. IMSI or IMEI target input (can accept bulk target input up to 1000 targets)
  6. It is possible to do customization
  7. Has the ability to Re-new Cell Parameters and can be adjusted according to conditions in the field
  8. Can scan and capture on target phone using Mediatek and Exynos Chipset
  9. RAT Supports GSM, WCDMA, LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD
  10. Support Bands (B1, B3, B5, B8 and B40)
  11. Has the feature of doing Cather and Silent Call at least 2 targets simultaneously
  12. Built in Network Scanner Analyzer (Channelizer) so no additional scanner hardware is required
  13. Has Silent Call capability on 2G (GSM) network and native Silent Call on 3G (UMTS)/4G (LTE) network without using External Jammer. The system must also be able to perform Silent Call Handover between generations (2G/3G/4G) or isolate it at the desired special frequency
  14. Has Whitelist and Blacklist features
  15. Export/Import data in Excel and CSV


Technical Specifications
  • Devices can be controlled via different controllers (Laptop, Mobile Phone Android / APK)
  • Has 10 channels that can be activated simultaneously
  • 20 Watt Radio Amplifier per Channel
  • Using 220 Volt power from R4 . vehicles
  • Dimensions : 50 x 49 x 20 (W x W x H Cm)
  • Antenna using Combiner
  • I/O : 1 Power, 1 Antenna and 1 Wifi
  • Integrated in 1 BOX
  • 1500Watt Portable Inverter + Accessories
  • Weight Approximately 28 Kg
  • Each piece of equipment must weigh a maximum of 32kg when packed in a transport case so that it can be put in the aircraft baggage
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