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Cyber Resilience System

Cyber ​​Resilience System is a defense solution that talks about anticipation. Ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber attacks. In general, it is understandable that this is no longer talking about 'if' but 'when' an organization will suffer a cyber attack. This framework highlights the critical and ongoing anticipations required to achieve cyber resilience.

We've developed support for avant-garde resilience. Just as crises and disasters are diverse and evolving, organizational resilience plans must be swift and adaptive. So we provide a solution in the form of 4 (four) approaches for Cyber ​​Resilience:

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3MP-Instruction Detection Systems (3MP-IDS) is a network intrusion detection system using a high-performance network monitoring engine. 3MP-IDS implements a full signature language that can detect network-related cyber threats, policy violations, and malicious acts.

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3MP-ISG is a high performance scalable firewall that detects intrusions, along with a prevention system and a virtual private network. The 3MP-ISG serves as an encryption gateway with layered network security that manages the network level encryption/decryption, analyzes decryption application traffic, blocks and cleans traffic from attacks on application infrastructure.

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Manage and secure services Intrusion detection in high capacity network Site-to-site / site-to-multisite VPN Redundant System Network accessible Web Interface Inform source and destination of attacks Seamless integration with DNS Privacy Public Resolvers Routing advanced on IPv4/IPv6

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3MP-SCEMC ea new technology-based ecosystem providing solutions for log management and visualization, analysis labs, vulnerability scanners, unbreakable intelligent communication systems to security orchestration response and automation (SOAR)

The solutions we offer are based on our experience which is continuously updated and tested on proprietary AI and Data Science tools.
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