Intelligent Solutions

Where you can accelerate automation in security and management operations vulnerabilities to achieve higher levels of automation maturity short period of time and to detect security threats at local and international levels. Availability of an open platform to seek information on a focused individual or subject. These open sources include social networking sites, forums, videos and other sites.

Smart Solutions helps security agencies prevent crime and terror and protect assets. Based on the expertise of our partner team, intelligence methodology and mass analytics technology, as well as a state-of-the-art global network and target intelligence experience, our solutions make that possible security organizations to produce critical intelligence.

Our solutions will let you understand how Interlligent Solutions can :

  • • Provides visibility of the entire environment in
  • • 24/7 monitoring on the integrated system
  • • Increase operational efficiency, reduce incident response time, and streamline complex processes
  • • Analysis of systems that can control the threat of attack control

Digital Finder (3MP-DF)

The first element of a Cyber ​​Resilience System involves the ability to identify, assess and manage risks associated with information networks and systems, including risks throughout the supply chain. It also requires protection for information systems from cyber attacks, system failures, and unauthorized/authenticated access.

Digital Forensic

Digital Forensic deals with the investigation of cyber crimes and computer systems. This solution helps oversee the various cybersecurity incidents that are happening in many organizations today. In the event of a security incident or cyber security breach.

Threat Intel Platform

Solution to collect, store, distribute, share cybersecurity indicators and threats on cybersecurity incident analysis & malware analysis. This solution can have a big impact by protecting data from threats, providing information about competitor strategies.

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