Tactical System

As a provider of Tactical Systems solutions, we strive to set up robust technology. Offer professional expert advice to be able to develop a system that meets your needs, where we combine expertise across multiple disciplines to deliver robust solutions particularly in military environments, both for land-, sea-, and air-based platforms.

Our expertise includes robust computing systems, crew mission station design, displays and consoles, as well as modular applications for smaller platforms such as land vehicles. By integrating commands into In one strategic weapon & control system, we provide a global view of the battle space. This enables commanders at all levels to carry out missions in a systematic, collective and dynamic manner in managing designated networks and weapons systems to achieve mission objectives.

  • • Planning Planning capability to find optimal weapon systems to counter identified threats
  • • Situational Awareness Development of the status of defense assets at all levels of control
  • • Battle Management Optimum system installation to make assets more effective and efficient
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Battlespace Communication System

Consists of various communication systems covering data and voice applicable in combat room command and control, including next-generation radios in various configurations and communication equipment systems for vehicles that also have communication equipment such as new-generation trunks, data transfer, voice and video safe

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Battlefield Management System (BMS)

It is an Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS) product that can bridge and secure communications across the entire hierarchy of state security units, from command posts to troops. Command can also monitor the position and condition of the troops on the battlefield, with the BMS

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